Luleå Kommun - Anno 1500

Concept development
Manuscript & direction
3D modeling
Motion capture
Sound design


In 1996, UNESCO announced Gammestads Church town (Kyrkstad) a world heritage site. To celebrate the 20th anniversary the culture department in Luleå decided to make a historic experience using new technology. We therefore presented a bold idea, where we let people visit the Church town in the 15th century with the help of virtual reality.


Behind the scenes


The making of Anno 1500.


The process

We believe that the build-up and research is a crucial part of making something great. Therefore Luleå Kommun's own thoughts and visions became our platform. After extensive research the creative process started and we transformed thoughts and feelings into a story, which was presented to the client through concept art, scripts and a project plan.

With the project plan accepted we could start the production, divided into stages with continuous reconciliations.

We delivered a first version well before the delivery date. This in order to let a test group try the experience and come with feedback. The group consisted of people between the age of 8 to 65.

When the VR experience had been approved we created a cinematic trailer for marketing use.


"To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Gammelstad Church town we asked Samuraj to tell a story about the "old Luleå", using modern technology. A journey back in time thanks to virtual reality. I can warmly recommend Samuraj's expertise and ability to deliver."    

– Åke Broström, Head of Culture Luleå Kommun


Anno 1500 trailer

Get ready to go back 500 years in time, to Gammelstad Church town.



The VR experience create a sense of presence because you can interact with the characters and objects in a 3D environment instead of passively watching a movie. Anno 1500 has made an international impression and created a global interest in Luleå when it comes to using new technology to portray a historical background.