We believe in happiness

It’s not our services that make us Samuraj. It’s the people and the culture we share. It’s pretty simple, if you ask us. We believe in happiness. To find and create comfort and joy. To feel good, with each other and with our work.

And it works. We dare more and challenge ourselves, the borders for what we’re capable of are pushed further and further, and we create the best possible value for our customers. We want both the fun and the challenge in all our relationships.


We can accomplish anything together

We solve our clients’ challenges, and we’re at our best when we do it together. We’re good listeners and we’re clear, concise and easy to understand. We know that we’re more capable, can get more done, and know more when we help each other.


The will is stronger than the sword or something

We believe in infinite potential as long as we have the will to improve and succeed. It’s not about knowing everything today, but about having the energy and the strength of will to develop yourself and Samuraj. It’s something we both welcome and expect.


You’re scarily good at what you do

We face the challenges of the future each day. With an ear to the ground for trends, knowledge about best practices, creative intelligence and a mind for good business decisions, we create solutions that actually are solutions, and get our customers to where they want to be,.

Stalk us a little

The people you surround yourself with are some of the most important choices you make. You don’t know it yet, but we’re already looking forward to getting to know you.

Create something wonderful with us

Our customers have high demands of us, and we have high demands of ourselves. A really, really good ability to each day accomplish your goals, and become better than you were yesterday, is a must.

We know you wouldn’t settle for less. At Samuraj you’ll be a part of a creative team with high ambitions and a mix of skills. Everybody, no matter their role, wants to create communication that engages, touches and creates effect.