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In short

Cranex is a rapidly growing company, which in 2018 received a growth price by Almi Företagspartner after increasing its turnover by 128%. Cranex wants to contribute to an efficient and safe industry through maintenance, modernization, automation, condition analysis and new delivery of crossovers, hoists, rotating machines and gates.

Samuraj had the mission to identify who Cranex is, and build a clear external communication. Along the way, we also helped Cranex to build a company culture that both retains current employees as well as attracting new people to the team.


The Cranex Academy

Skills supply is a big challenge for many companies. Cranex was no exception, and Samuraj was ready to help. The result was the Cranex Academy - a development program for all employees, which is going on throughout the employment. The Academy educates employees step by step, from new employees to specialists. The Academy consists of mandatory elements interspersed with elective courses, which creates scope for personal progress and goals.

The Academy serves as a quality assurance and adds value to the customers.


The Cranex Codex

A strong culture means everything and is essential in order to become a successful business. One of our efforts was therefore to develop the Cranex Codex which consolidates what Cranex is and how the Cranex team should act in various situations. The handbook, which fits in your pocket, contains practical information about routines and policies.

The Cranex Codex - A manual that fits in your pocket.

The effects

Cranex continues to move forward, with increased sales and a stronger brand. The Academy is proof that you do not have to be a huge organisation to invest in skills development. Cranex Codex has become a useful support for the Cranex team - which strengthens the ambassadorship, and leads the way in difficult situations.