Försvarsmuseum Boden -
Operation Draken

Concept development
Manuscript & direction
3D modeling
Motion capture

100 years back in time

In 2017 the force museum in Boden (Försvarsmuseum Boden) asked us to create a Virtual Reality experience that would give people insights of the daily life at Boden’s "Ballongkompani" 100 years ago. We liked the idea of creating an air travel with Drakballong M / 09, which was used for scouting around Boden’s fortress.


A fantastic journey

Thanks to all research made in the beginning of the project we were able to create an incredible journey which takes you back in time.

Dragonballong M / 09 in this VR experience was of the same type used by the Germans at the western front. It was used extensively in Boden until 1919.


A realistic 360° experience

The VR experience was created to be an educational tool to the permanent exhibition in the museum.

The experience itself is based on the visitor sitting in a chair that is programmed to follow the movements of the balloon so that the visitor feels that he / she is sitting on a box in the balloon. The visitor also has VR glasses giving a realistic 360° experience of the environment and Boden’s fortress from above. The visitor becomes involved in how the scouting was done 100 years ago.


Operation Draken Trailer



The premiere of this VR experience took place in July 2017. The project has drawn a lot of attention and visitors to the museum.

A successful and exciting project that we’re very proud of!


Do you want to try it out?

Visit the force museum in Boden (Försvarsmuseum Boden) to try this VR experience.