Search engine optimization for a new website? We'll take you through the jungle!

Are you considering a new website? Regardless of whether you want to give your current website a facelift or establish yourself at a completely new website address, we know that you want to give your target group the best experience and create the best conditions for your products or services to reach all the way.

You stand there after a completed project, with a brand new website - stylish design, fresh copy, newly taken photos and inspiring quotes from customers. Success is a fact! …or is it? The worst case scenario is that you have no – or unexpectedly few – visitors. A new web is an investment that must create value for your business, but nothing else on the web matters if your potential customers can't find it. 

Think search engine optimization from the start 

Three out of four internet users do text searches for information online every day. One in seven uses voice search* . Google dominates the search market and puts the user in focus by rewarding content that gives the best answer to search phrases and displays these at the top. This applies regardless of whether the product or service itself is actually better suited than competitors' solutions - Google only compares your websites, nothing else. 

Let’s therefore rewind from design and inspirational quotes and start thinking about who we want to find the site, and what these people want to be met with when they enter. If you sell, for example, gardening equipment, you of course want to rank on "gardening equipment" but perhaps also on "tips for gardening gifts". If you know where the search volumes are, that is, which words or phrases that many people search for in your business area, you can build a website based on what your target group actually wants to know.

Tools to use: You can use Google Search Console to see how your existing website is working (or not) today, as well as which search phrases have attracted traffic so far.

In Google Analytics, you see, among other things, which pages your visitors use on your website, and when they simply choose to leave the website to do something else instead. 

In the Google Ads keyword planner or on the Ahrefs website, you can botanize among keywords and search volumes to understand what gives the best effect for your business. 

Four parts of SEO 

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides results that continue to create value even after you stop actually paying for them. Search engine optimization and the work around it, both technically and in terms of content, is about giving your website the best possible conditions to rank highly on its own merits over time, and the results of which will therefore be of some permanence, while search engine marketing is purchased positions the value of which disappears completely the moment you stop posting money on them.

Vi delar upp SEO i fyra delar: Textinnehåll, kod och tekniska förutsättningar, externa länkar, samt uppföljning i form av mätning och analys.

  1. Text content: Based on the keywords that your company prioritizes, the website's texts need to be updated with new or corrected existing material where the keywords are integrated. It helps Google to find exactly your content and you can get higher positions in the ranking.
  2. Code and technical requirements: Keeping the website up to date to function as well as possible. Without a strong foundation, other efforts simply do not reach their potential. The website needs to be user-friendly, structured and fast.
  3. External links: Having other, credible domains link to your website raises its status in the eyes of search engines, and raises the ranking. Difficult to master it may seem, but there are ways to help the linking on its way. Create content that your visitors want to share and link to, such as a thought-provoking – preferably slightly provocative – text or fact-based surveys that show something new or unexpected compared to the usual perception. Try guest blogging and thereby link to your company on someone else's page, send out press releases and tell the media about what is happening at your place, or make sure that you and your partners link to each other on your respective websites.
  4. Measurement and analysis: The world, especially the digital one perhaps, is a changing place and in order to climb up the search results we need to continuously measure and analyze the effects of our efforts. The keywords need to be updated and replaced and the web's functionalities always need to be kept in tip-top shape.

Towards searchability and onwards!

We've only scratched the surface of SEO, SEM and the possibilities hidden behind these acronyms. Do you want to know more about how you can create a more efficient and value-creating website? As quickly as you call your Friday pizza delivery, you can also reach us! Email or call us and we'll create something magical (with great results to boot) together.

 *Source: Svenskarna och internet: 2022





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