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From startup to world leaders

Based in Luleå this company develops solutions for decision support systems and have been our friend since 2011. When we met them they were ready for the next step and we were lucky to become their partner. During the years we have helped them thrive through branding, marketing communication, business development and product design. 


Introducing Real-time Workforce Safety

Our solutions are used all over the world, by Swedish mining companies like Boliden and LKAB as well as intelligence services and authorities in the arab world, America and Australia.

The changes

To make both the clients needs and Mobilaris solutions easier to understand we transformed the sales material from tech heavy Powerpoints into dramatic movies and educational use cases to describe what problems Mobilaris solves, instead of focusing on what features and technology they use.


Reaching a larger market thanks to more business areas

At the beginning of their journey Mobilaris focused on areas like Public safety, National security & law enforcement and commercial positioning services. Over the years new business areas have been added to the group and others have changed name. Today we look at a company consisting of four main areas: Mobilaris Group, Mining & Civil Engineering, Industrial Solutions and National Security. All with their own specific client base.


This is Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™


Podcast - Mining Frontrunners

Mobilaris MCE bases their business on understanding costumer needs and reality. But to understand, one must be able to listen. That’s why we launched the podcast Mining Frontrunners, a platform where the mining industry’s most brilliant minds can meet and discuss the future of mining.


Increased product quality and marketability

As a technology startup Mobilaris had only focused on technical functions. We have together developed user interfaces for two of their solutions named Emergency Alert and Mining Intelligence, which have resulted in more sales and a great industry reputation. 

We also implemented the user interface for Emergency Alert, that was built exclusively with modern web standards.


Increasing their turnover

Mobilaris have over the years increased their annual turnover from 10 million to 100 million Swedish kronor. They have gone from a "do it yourself startup" to a leader at the world market for decision support.