Hjärtebarnsfonden chooses Samuraj as its communication partner

The national organization Hjärtebarnsfonden chooses Samuraj as a new communication partner to increase general knowledge about congenital heart defects and get even more people involved in the fund's work.

Andreas Uneby

Creative Director

Every year in Sweden, 2,000 children are born with one or more heart defects. Hjärtebarnsfonden is a national organization that works to ensure that no one suffers from a congenital heart defect. They organize fundraisers, support victims and relatives, donate money to research and advocate for children at heart in society. In order to continue drawing attention to and strengthening support for Sweden's so-called heart children (hjärtebarn), a collaboration with the communications agency Samuraj is now starting.

- After Samuraj pitched their thoughts to us, it was an easy decision to start this process with them. They see the purpose and the possibilities. We are excited about this collaboration and know it will help raise awareness of congenital heart defects. A child's broken heart changes everything, says Mattias Barsk, head of communications at Hjärtebarnsfonden.

Hjärtebarnsfonden today has local associations in all regions of the country. As a communication partner, Samuraj must highlight Hjärtebarnsfonden's work and presence at national and local level, as well as make it easier for the public to get involved in and support the organization.

- Although the majority survive congenital heart defects, it is something that will affect you throughout your life. Therefore, the children of the heart must not become a forgotten group in society. The communication efforts that are now planned should highlight Hjärtebarnsfonden's work and knowledge, as well as get even more people to contribute to their cause. No one should suffer from a congenital heart defect, says Andreas Uneby, Creative Director at Samuraj.

The collaboration involves, among other things, clarifying and strengthening Hjärtebarnsfonden's brand, website and expression.

- To a large extent, it is about being pragmatic and smart at work. All the solutions we come up with need to be cost-effective for Hjärtebarnsfonden over time, as every penny saved can go to a child in need, while the quality of communication is crucial in reaching out with their message. We wanted to create as much long-term value as possible with our effort, and are sure that together we will succeed, concludes Andreas.





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