JIAB chooses Samuraj as its digital communication partner

JIAB Ställningsmontage (Scaffolding construction) and Samuraj become new partners as the scaffolding contractor continues its digitization journey. Together, they have developed an app for project management and internal communication that JIAB Ställningsmontage now uses on a daily basis.

Emil Vidmark

Developer Lead

More and more industries are implementing new digital solutions to ensure quality and become more efficient in process and operations. Now JIAB Ställningsmontage, active in the contracting industry, chooses to cooperate with Samuraj to save time and strengthen their offer.

- Our industry is in many respects analog. For example, working manually with spreadsheets and printed documentation is costly, time-consuming and leaves room for mistakes, especially when a company grows. Together with Samuraj, we want to streamline and facilitate planning with digital solutions that are needed today, and that have scalability for tomorrow's needs, says Andreas Kylmänen, office manager at JIAB Ställningsmontage.

With the new partnership, Samuraj has thoroughly researched how JIAB works today, what needs exist and how digitization can enhance the continued development of the business.

- We are very happy that Samuraj is our digital communication partner. From the beginning, they have been keen to understand our reality and our needs. At the same time, they have challenged our ways of thinking and shown the possibilities with today's technology, says André Olofsson, work manager at JIAB Ställningsmontage.

The collaboration has, among other things, resulted in the development of a digital planning tool. It consists of a web-based admin panel for supervisors and a mobile application for employees.

- We are proud to work with such a strong regional player as JIAB. By building an industry-specific digital planning tool, JIAB can work smarter and more efficiently, says Emil Vidmark, development lead at Samuraj.





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