Some fast pucks with Emma Nordin

Things happen quickly in hockey, as they say (at least in Swedish), and it's already been almost a year since we added Emma Nordin to the lineup. Time for a rinkside interview, in other words!

Filip Haraldsson


Hello Emma! Are you ready for a bunch of quick but oh so important questions?

Hello! Yes, my body hurts after a tough workout but my head is just fine.

Great! We've heard rumors that you, like Batman, are living a double life, is that true?

Yes, I have two jobs in my life! On the one hand I score as many goals as possible, cover shots and take some hard hits as a forward in Luleå Hockey, and in my other job I surpass as many goals as possible, cover the customer's needs and make hard priorities as a campaign manager here at Samuraj.

What does a campaign manager actually do?

I work a lot with social media, marketing efforts via various channels, campaigns of different kinds and set up and execute communication plans. Companies simply have incredible opportunities to make their brand and offering visible on social media and other digital channels, regardless of whether the goal is sales or recruitment, and achieving those goals is what I enjoy most.

Cool! Let’s focus not on enjoyment but on suffering – what is the toughest (and therefore best) kind of workout?

Running up slopes or hills! With tons of repetitions. Ormberget or Måttsund (two local hills, for you non-Luleå-readers) are both within reasonable distance and are perfect wokout slopes. The critical thing is that you never get to rest, when the way down also puts a fair amount of stress on your legs.

When the session is finished and it's time for the reward, what do you prefer to eat then?

I’m a big fan of most food, but what I always fall back on are homemade meatballs, with stewed macaroni and cream sauce. Classic grandma food!

Apart from tough workouts, what do you think is required to succeed as a campaign manager?

It's probably the same as in hockey – you need to be performance oriented. This probably applies to many professions in our industry, but I think it’s particularly important in this role. It's about chasing and showing results. Good results, preferably! You need to be driven to perform and reach your goals, quite simply.

Would you say you’re performance driven?


Okay, it was a foregone conclusion. Thanks Emma!

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