Samuraj and Hjärtebarnsfonden are finalists for the Publishing Prize

Samuraj is nominated for the Swedish Publishing Prize with Hjärtebarnsfonden's website, The contribution is one of six finalists in the category "Sites that market associations and organisations".

Andreas Uneby

Creative Director

Today, nearly 30,000 children and 40,000 adults live with a congenital heart defect in Sweden. Many of these are affected daily with constant challenges in their everyday life. Hjärtebarnsfonden is a nationwide organization that works to create better lives for children and adults with heart defects, supports research, and provides information and knowledge to those who want to learn more about heart defects.

Samuraj was hired to develop a new website for Hjärtebarnsfonden in 2022, with the aim to simplify navigation and make it easier for those who want to learn more, donate a gift, or support Hjärtebarnsfonden through their company to do so.

The website was launched in early 2023, with a new look, new text and image content, and a completely new structure.

- We understood that we had made the right choice already when Samuraj presented their first ideas to us. The fact that the website is now also nominated for the Publishing prize is proof that more people see its qualities. Our work is to make people aware of the world's most common malformation, congenital heart defects. Therefore it is important to have a page that is easy to navigate, clear and at the same time pleasant to visit. That is exactly what Samuraj has created here, says Mattias Barsk, Head of Communications at Hjärtebarnsfonden.

- From the first meeting, Hjärtebarnsfonden showed a lot of trust in us, and we have been able to work together in a tight process where we benefited from each other's knowledge and experience to create the greatest possible value. It feels fantastic to be able to contribute to an organization that makes such a big and clear difference in people's lives, so for us at Samuraj who have worked on this, it feels especially good in our hearts that the result is recognized in the Publishing prize, concludes Andreas Uneby, Creative Director at Samuraj.

The winners of the Publishing Prize 2023 will be announced at the Swedish Publishing Prize Gala at Berns in Stockholm on November 8.





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