Samuraj opens a new office in Stockholm

Samuraj is now opening an office on Södermalm in Stockholm to create additional business opportunities and get closer to a greater number of potential employees.

Johanna Öhman


Samuraj has been part of the agency landscape in northern Sweden since 2013, and the company has in the past year recruited six new employees to meet the market's increased demand. In October, Samuraj took another step and opened the doors to a new office in Stockholm.

- With the establishment of an office in Stockholm, we are getting closer to more universities and vocational educations, and thus also to more potential employees. Big investments are also being made here in the north, and we want to make it possible for our employees to work in two different businesses at the same time, regardless of whether you are based in Stockholm or Luleå, says Johanna Öhman, CEO at Samuraj.

Samuraj assesses that the green transition that is taking place at an intensive pace in northern Sweden will open up new business opportunities between north and south. With the office in Stockholm, Samuraj wants, among other things, to function as a close communication partner for those who want to be active in both locations.

- This establishment is a natural step in broadening our catchment area for employees and customers. We already have several customers operating in Stockholm, and it’s nice to get closer to them while at the same time developing new customer relationships in this geographic market. We also want to act as a bridge for those who want to establish themselves in the north or do business here, and support them with our expertise in communication, explains Johanna Öhman.

The new office is located at Åsögatan 115 on Södermalm in Stockholm. The 430 square meter premises will also house other creative industries, such as film and television production companies.

- Together we become a creative hub where we can benefit from each other's knowledge and experience. Here there is room to grow with even more employees, as part of our journey to strengthen and develop Samuraj, Johanna Öhman concludes.





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