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Strategy & Branding
Graphic design


NYAB is one of Sweden's fastest growing companies within the construction industry. Such high growth has resulted in a number of new positions. Our job was to identify the core of the company and the brand in order to communicate it in a way that would attract new as well as existing customers but also employees. The work has resulted in a new website and a corporate film.


Watch the movie about NYAB

Samuraj has made everything from smaller productions to jobs linked to value bases, brand identity and who we are. NYAB has listened, been having fun, learning and getting better.
Thank you Samuraj!
— Johan Larsson, VD - NYAB Sverige AB

The cooperation

We want to build and maintain long-term relationships with people and organizations willing to challenge the norm and think new and bigger to break through the noise and win the market's attention. Our cooperation with NYAB is a good example of that.


NYAB is a competitor in a traditional industry with many large, well-established players. NYAB dares to prioritize soft values, because they know that's what it takes to be the best in the industry. A fun trip that has inspired both us and NYAB.


NYAB's expansion continues

NYAB have recently launched a new subsidiary: NYAB Infrastructure. The new subsidiary is primarily aimed at infrastructure contracts, mainly road but also railways.