Nyhléns & Hugosons


Norrlands largest producer of meat and cured products

Nyhléns Hugosons is Norrlands largest producer of meat and cured products. We have worked with Nyhléns Hugosons since 2013 and together we have created several different film productions. In the spring of 2016 we made films for their campaign "Choose Local Meat". A concept that tells stories about a local farmer's life and the importance of locally produced food. 


Norrländskt mathantverk

Genuine northern food craftsmanship from Nyhléns Hugosons.

We are very pleased with the cooperation. Samuraj are professionals, who are fun to work with. They’ve delivered amazing films that we are very proud of.
— Anna Ahlqvist, Marknadschef

Film production

During the summer of 2017 six new films were produced as part of the campaign. The films are showcasing the craft behind Nyhléns Hugosons' locally made products including steps like: air drying, smoking and the making of the Swedish Christmas ham.

Skådespelare   Bildtext goes here.

Meet the farmers Daniel & Elin

Meet two farmers who help keeping the northern Swedish food tradition alive. 


The craftsmanship


"The cutting is an important part of our process". Follow marketing director Anna and the butcher Björn to Alviksgården outside of Luleå to learn more about their craftsmanship.



Working with Nyhléns Hugosons hasn't only been about film production, the work has also given us unique insights into meat production on a high level. To interview the farmers and experience their daily life has left a great impression on us, we admire people that live with their job 24/7 all year round. Not to mention the love they have for the animals! We are very impressed by the skills and the pride that characterize Nyhléns Hugosons.