Scania Luleå

Scania Luleå (Ferruform AB) is one of Luleå's largest employers and, since its establishment in 1968, has delivered top-class frame components. As autumn approaches, the company's most loyal employees take center stage, as the gold club members are to be celebrated - those who have worked more than 25 years at Scania Luleå. Samuraj was entrusted and tasked with creating a festive and memorable evening to celebrate this year's and welcome them to Scania's Gold Club.

It's autumn. Darkness settles over the land. We light candles. We turn to each other. We long for warmth and joy, and we’re at our happiest in the glow of the summer harvest’s surplus. At the border between industry and nature, between the hard and the soft, the light and the dark, to celebrate, remember and give thanks for the past and look forward to the future - that’s where we meet. Welcome to the Borderland!

Thus began our description of the concept and theme we envisioned for the party when we began the collaboration. The Borderland. We knew from the beginning that it would be an autumn party, and although the darkness can weigh heavily this time of year, it is also a season when light and light sources become increasingly important to us. In the harsh autumn cold we seek out warmth and community even more.

A given part of every party night is the food, and we also wanted to connect the party to autumn and the autumn harvest through the evening's menu - a product of nature, but also of hard work, which aligns with the evening's theme. Industry in harmony with nature and mankind.

The concept was only the beginning, and Samuraj then assumed overall responsibility for the anniversary evening. Our scope included everything from creating dazzling invitations and limitless decorations, to ferrying guests to and from the festivities. In between, we also had to direct the guests to the right seat and make sure that everything that was supposed to happen actually happened, and preferably in the right order.

We gathered at the Borderland and welcomed the evening's guests to the grand festivity hall at Elite Stadshotell. The evening began with mingling and music, spiced up by two super professionals as emcees, took off when gold watches and merit badges were handed out and the anniversaries took their seats on stage, and then finished with live music and dancing.

It was a long evening, and together we found much to enjoy in the autumn darkness. We thank Scania Luleå for the trust and the fantastic evening, and are already looking forward to creating such event magic again.

Are you curious about how we can light up the next season together? Get in touch, we're more than ready!




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