Mobilaris Evolve

Mobilaris never rests. Over the years, Mobilaris has developed innovative technologies, applied them to major industrial challenges, and scaled the solutions from startup level to global markets. They know what it means to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Now is the time to share that knowledge and experience, in order to make the greatest possible impact on the global green transition, perhaps society's biggest challenge right now.

After launching the Mobilaris Innovation Center and creating a leading hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in Norrbotten, it is now time to take an even more central position in the green transition in the Nordics with the next step in the development of Mobilaris: Mobilaris Evolve.

To launch this new venture and brand, Mobilaris enlisted the help of Samuraj. We have developed a new identity, a new website and other materials to immediately position Mobilaris Evolve for maximum effect.

Our goal has been to place Mobilaris Evolve at the absolute forefront of an identity area that includes both the green transition and investment companies. Both visually and in words, we want to communicate a company that not only wants, but is absolutely certain that they can and will create change that drives companies and society in a positive direction. We wanted to convey hope and faith in the future, but also that the challenge is taken seriously and that the company has broad and deep knowledge. An easy and simple tone of voice goes hand in hand with professionalism and credibility, and becomes confident and clear in its message.

The logotype was among the first components to take shape, and here we have kept the connection with the other Mobilaris companies in the typography. However, the symbol is completely new, combining an M for Mobilaris, an E for Evolve, and an upward and forward river/lightning-shaped movement reminiscent of a positive graph to symbolize the strong development that Mobilaris Evolve brings to both business and society. A light green color came naturally, literally, and is at the forefront in both the logo and the profile as a whole.

We work a lot with large, bright surfaces in the company’s material, and just as Mobilaris Evolve challenges the status quo, we break block structures and established patterns in layouts, enhancing rather than compromising function and readability.

Now Mobilaris Evolve is ready to lead the development of the indtech industry in the Nordics. Join them on the journey!




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