Mobilaris Innovation Center

We have been trusted to support Mobilaris for a long time, and in many ways. The original business has grown, and over time evolved into new business areas that themselves keep developing over time. Parts of the company have spun off and formed entirely new companies. But now, Mobilaris has now become something completely new – it has become a community.

Finding bigger premises for a growing business is a natural challenge for many companies. Mobilaris wanted to take it a step further, and not just find a new office, but instead create a hub for innovation, collaboration and development for the whole of Norrbotten.

This desire led to the decision to shape a brand of its own for the new building, with its own unique identity. Part of the Mobilaris family, but also something with a life and path of its own.

Mobilaris has delivered advanced technical solutions to industry, mines and government organisations worldwide, but the Mobilaris Innovation Center, as the community was named, has completely different target groups. Innovators and businesses, students and academia, lecturers, and many more should all feel welcome and at home at the Mobilaris Innovation Center. Developing an identity that still carries the strength of Mobilaris brand, and at the same time has its main focus on completely different target groups than Mobilaris other marketing and brands, was one of the most important goals in the project.

To create a holistic brand experience, we have worked with every part of Mobilaris Innovation Center – from the logo, profile, website and communication in various digital channels, to interior design concepts, signage and decor, and much more, together with Mobilaris and the building’s architect.

The logotype is based on the shape of the building combined with Mobilaris Innovation Center's basic idea: To be an enabler of dialogue, inspiration and collaboration, based on the belief that what we can do together is greater and better than the sum of the individual parts.

The profile's colours are taken from Mobilaris previous business area colours, but applied as a single strong gradient to give a more playful and inspiring feel.

In addition to the logotype and profile, we have also developed a modular pattern, which can be adapted in both density, specific components and colour to create different expressions for a variety of surfaces and messages.

We have carried out the work in parallel with the completion of the building, which allowed us to visit the future Mobilaris Innovation Center several times during construction, and let our different processes inspire and influence each other, from initial concepts to detailed solutions in individual rooms.

The result is an identity that establishes a strong position in northern Sweden’s business life, and breathes faith in the future and innovative power for visitors both in the physical building as well as on the website and across other channels.




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