We love being able to make people's everyday lives better. This was the starting point when JIAB contacted us with a clear request: "Make our planning easier!". They had identified their scheduling and planning as something that stood in the way of the company's continued growth and the efficiency of day-to-day operations. So began the story of Tidig.

JIAB Ställningsmontage (directly translated: JIAB Scaffolding) works with the assembly of scaffolding. Their employees are spread all over Norrbotten with employees who both need to give and receive information: Work orders, professional authorizations, available vehicles and absences are just a few things that a supervisor needs to keep track of. Is a vehicle double booked? If Patrik suddenly needs to go home sick after lunch, who can we bring in from another project near Skellefteå to solve the situation?

It is a complex operation with many moving parts, and streamlining its processes has an incredible effect on the company's results. And not least on the individual employee's everyday life and comfort.

One for all

Many in the industry – and in similar industries – struggle with the same challenges. Therefore we made not just a planning tool for JIAB, but an app that could stand on its own and create value for many more companies in the industry.

Two simultaneous processes were initiated. We began to understand JIAB's and the industry's way of working, challenges, their opportunities and vision, and in parallel with that work we created a name, brand and website for the app, so that we could start marketing it together once the functionality was proven at JIAB.

The brand Tidig

We wanted to create a brand that communicates simplicity and ease of use, while also feeling credible, reliable and professional. We decided that a bright and light tone would provide a positive contrast to the experience that we believe the industry often has of its existing, similar tools.

The name has a given part in that experience. We decided on Tidig (Literally “Early” in Swedish, while “Tid” by itself means “Time”), which both brings to mind being early – faster and more efficient than necessary – but also the fact that the app is actually about time, both in terms of planning and time reporting.

For the logo, we started from the shapes in the app. Weekly overviews and project cards form elements with clear recognition for those who sit with them more or less often. Together with the letter T, for Tidig (Early), the shape was perfected.

To begin marketing and sales, we developed a website that clearly explains the value that Tidig and its functionality brings to the table. By developing a smaller website that nevertheless has a solid and well-built foundation, we created the conditions both to get started with digital marketing quickly and to scale up in the future.

The app Tidig

The Tidig platform consists of two parts – a mobile app and a web application.

The Tidig mobile app is what most coworkers will use. Here you see your planning, get information about your projects, and report time and absence. The focus for us has been to develop an app that is easy and clear to understand and use, with a simple interface and fast flows that don't make things difficult when it's raining, windy, the battery is nearly out and the work day has to be reported accurately.

The Tidig web application is the planning tool, where supervisors can enter and retrieve information. There are overview views for projects on a weekly basis, the possibility to allocate resources in the form of staff and vehicles, create and edit projects and generate the information that then becomes the basis for salaries.

Here, we have prioritized overview, flexibility and simplification, to make life as smooth as possible for those who spend much of their workdays with the platform. We have analyzed even the smallest interactions and tasks, to find shortcuts in common workflows and create smart ways of working.

Taken as one, the platform is an incredibly powerful tool, where the entire operation becomes efficient for the employees in the field and transparent and fast-moving for those who plan and follow up their work. By minimizing the time spent wrestling with the software, employees can now focus on their professional roles and increase the value of their work.

Continued development

When the work is done with an app, it has only just begun. We continue to test solutions, debug bugs, create more features, discover new needs and challenges of new types of users, and streamline the day for employees in as many ways as we can. It’s truly a good feeling to get the opportunity to facilitate people's everyday life so directly, and we hope that more people will feel the difference we can make via Tidig.

Are you also curious about how you can streamline your business through smart software, or package an existing concept to hit just the right spot? Get in touch, and we'll find the possibilities together!




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