Råvara - I'm fresh, are you?

Concept development
Manuscript & direction

A fresh kind of fast food

During 2016 we got the chance to become Sushibar's partner in communication, branding and concept development during the establishment of their third restaurant. Since then the company have faced different challenges, both strategic and tactical, in which we have served as a consulting partner. Together we created a new brand which includes two business segments: sushi and healthy dishes.

Råvara is a fresh and healthy fast food alternative for people on the go.

Sushibar became Råvara

The new brand which is called Råvara is a healthy alternative to fast food for people on the move. We have communicated their idea, purpose, vision and customer offer through copywriting and design.


During fall 2017 another two restaurants were established in Luleå and Skellefteå. Råvara now have a total of five restaurants. This company have high goals and their journey have just began!