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Satmission had before 2015 a rather modest economic development. They made and sold antennas for satellite communication, without any direct structure when it came to internal processes. They were technicians who were thinking and selling technical solutions to people putting technology first. CEO at the time, Arto Brushane, had just stepped in and was planning a change for Satmission. This is where we joined the project and helped to create a branding platform, international communication with a more market driven approach.


The challenge

After the research and the analytic phase a project plan was formed, together with Satmission, which laid the foundation for their future success. The brand platform and communication strategy was formed on a strict "outside perspective". It is the users of the satellite systems that pushes Satmission to develop the best products. Products to trust when nothing can go wrong, it's live streaming at its best. The word TRUST became synonymous with Satmission.


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The company got several large orders, both competitors and clients saw them in a whole new way at large international events. They have won several awards for fastest growing company since then. In 2017 the group Alllgon bought the company.