Work that makes us extra proud



Mobilaris is one of our long time friends. See how we have helped them on their journey from startup to world leaders, with everything from business development to branding. 
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Film has been the obvious choice to provide insights into everyday life, the factory, the products and the people behind one of the world's most durable steel. View project →



NYAB are a brave company who dare to prioritize soft values. They know that this is what it takes to be an industry leader. This project has been a fun journey which has inspired both us and NYAB. View project →

Big, small, online, offline, local or international. Size doesn’t matter. We work on diverse projects for top brands as well as cool startups. Check out some of our favorites.

HSB Norr

HSB Norr gave us the mission to make a film highlighting their history, present and future. View project →


Olofssons Bageri

During 2016 the family business in beautiful Överkalix decided to invest in and renew their branding, communication and production, in order to keep their current customers and also reach out to a bigger market. View project →


Försvarsmuseum Boden - Operation Draken

In 2017 the force museum in Boden asked us to create a VR experience that would give insights of the daily life at Boden's "Ballongkompani" which takes you back 100 years. What a great summer success for the museum! View project →



Together we've produce a film which captures both perspectives of building a home. View project →



We had the mission to identify who Cranex is, and to create a communication strategy. View project →


Luleå Kommun - Anno 1500

A bold idea to create an experience out of the ordinary. Why not move the visitors to Gammelstad Church town during the 15th century with VR technology. And what a success! 
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Nyhléns & Hugosons

We have partnered with Nyhléns Hugosons since 2013 and helped them create a variety of film productions. The films show the importance of locally produced food. View project →


Let's make something great together!

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