Strategy & concept development

More than a gut feeling.


Our various backgrounds, experiences and competencies are the key to our concept. We always dare to listen and act according to your needs.

We have helped companies to find new owners, go from the red into the black, establish themselves on new markets, launch new services and products, increase sales, change their brand, meet new competition and get all of their co-workers on board.

Brand strategy

It's all about why. We listen, so that we can ask the right questions; the ones that clarify your objectives. Only when we have an indepth understanding of your needs can we help you move forward.

Together, we'll develop a clear strategy plan based on your goals.

Bidding and sales strategy

Determined, systematic and selling communication, built on the right foundation. Communication that creates conditions for reaching sales targets.

Working with us is an investment in more than just a single business venture. The outcomes of our work together must create well-packaged documentation and essential resources that can be used again and again in several contexts.

From brand to concept

We help your organization to develop the communication concept, either as a sounding board in the strategy phase, an external participant in prestudies and analysis prior to a business decision, or as a project manager with responsibility for project planning and implementation.

You know your own business better than anyone, but in our role as a consultancy we are often able to see things in a way that is not always possible in your day-to-day work within the organization.

We love to team up with equally driven people to create great things and have fun along the way. Actions that will give results and push both of us forward. Because we win together.

Kick things off with our project planner or call us on +46 920-893 90 if you’re feeling chatty (we always are!).


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